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Hanging Your Signs With Banner Brackets
Your business, town or school wants to get itself shown off in public. This is where signs and banners come in. Choose a sign maker to create durable, custom banners that reflect your logo, school colors and more. Once you get your banners ordered, you need a way in which to hang them. This is where banner brackets come into the picture. Ordering custom banners and flags is fun. You can choose the designs and colors you want and have your favorite sign maker produce them in flags or street banners. These are the items you see hanging from the sides of light poles.
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They do more than just advertise they can help inform the public of special anniversaries. They can also welcome new students and parents to a school or university. When you place on order for custom banners and flags, you have to think about how you will hang them so that they are secure. You must purchase professionally designed banner brackets. These are hardware kits that include everything needed to hang banners. They are made to hold up your banners so that they resist wind and other elements.
The kits include a base, which fits around the light pole. The base is often constructed of aluminum or steel and they are crafted to fit around round or square poles. They also come with bands and rods on which you affix the flag. You also get poles that stretch and show off the banners when they are on display. Your sign maker will be the best source for the correct banner kit to purchase. Some sign makers can have custom kits designed and made for you if you have special requirements. Most orders for brackets can be completed for you in less than 24 hours.